Pear Shape Diamonds

Pear Shape Diamonds are a variation of the Brilliant cut, combining Round & Marquise shaped diamond cuts. A typical Pear shape diamond has 58 facets. Pear shape diamonds are popular for people who like the look of a round diamond but would like the style of a fancy shape diamond. Pear shaped diamonds are often called Teardrop shape diamonds. Some of the world's largest and most famous diamonds are Pear Pear Shape DiamondShaped Diamonds.

When choosing Pear shape diamonds consider the colour, because colours below J may appear to show more colour in the corner areas. For a Pear shape diamond the length to width ratio between 1.50 - 1.75 is best.

At Wholesale Diamonds we have a large selection of loose certified Pear Shape Diamonds in all sizes, colours, clarities and cut grades. When buying a Pear shape diamond ensure that it is independently certified by an internationally accredited diamond grading laboratory such as GIA, HRD, DCLA or AGS.

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Pear Shape Diamonds

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