Oval Shape Diamonds

Oval Shape Diamonds are cut in a brilliant cut style similar to round diamonds and their technical name is oval modified brilliant. The Oval cut diamond was invented by Lazare Kaplan in the early 1960s. Oval Shape Diamonds have become extremely popular for engagement rings. Oval Shape Diamond

Oval shaped diamonds provide a bigger surface area than a round diamond with the same carat weight and therefore are an excellent option if you want the brilliance of a round diamond and also a bigger diamond for your dollar. Oval shape diamonds are also popular because their length can help create the appearance of long, slender fingers.

At Wholesale Diamonds we have a large selection of loose certified Oval Shape Diamonds in all sizes, colours and clarities. When you buy an Oval shape diamond ensure that it is independently certified by an internationally accredited diamond grading laboratory such as GIA, HRD, DCLA or AGS.

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Oval Shape Diamonds

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