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Why should I buy certified diamonds from Wholesale Diamonds?
Wholesale Diamonds is a 100% Australian owned and operated diamond merchant based in Sydney. We are owned by one of Australia's largest diamond importers and Australia's leading diamond wholesaler. At Wholesale Diamonds you deal directly with the owners who are they are foundation members of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia.

Unlike many other diamond wholesalers and websites selling diamonds Wholesale Diamonds does not list any diamonds that are not owned by our company and we do not compile lists of diamonds that may be available from all over the world. All the diamonds listed on the Wholesale Diamonds website are in stock and available for immediate purchase.

Wholesale Diamonds directors have over 40 years experience wholesaling diamonds & jewellery. Wholesale Diamonds is owned and operated by a 2nd generation diamond merchant, qualified jewellers and GIA graduate. When buying diamonds online at Wholesale Diamonds the customer has the satisfaction of knowing that they can rely on professional advice, expert guidance, detailed diamond information and an independent diamond certificate verifying specifications of the diamond.
Is it safe to buy certified diamonds online?
It is extremely safe to purchase your certified diamonds online from Wholesale Diamonds. Wholesale Diamonds is one of Australia's most trusted and reputable diamond wholesalers and a professional diamond merchant. Our online purchasing policies are rigorous, ensuring a safe and secure transaction process backed up by a 14 day Money Back Guarantee.

Wholesale Diamonds guarantee and ensure that all our diamonds and diamond jewellery is of the highest quality and is exactly as stated by us on our website. Our loose diamonds are all independently certified by an internationally recognised diamond grading laboratory such as GIA, DCLA, HRD or AGS.

Independent diamond certification is essential for authenticity and also insurance purposes. A certified diamond provides consumers with confidence, security and increases comfort levels while making a decision on which loose diamond to purchase.
Where is Wholesale Diamonds located?
Wholesale Diamonds is a 100% Australian owned and Australian operated company. Wholesale Diamonds head office is located in the central business and financial district in Bridge Street Sydney, near the Sydney Stock Exchange. Wholesale Diamonds is a short walk from Wynyard Station and Circular Quay.
How do I contact Wholesale Diamonds?

To contact Wholesale Diamonds by telephone dial 02 9251 4444 or 02 9252 5548.

If you would like to contact Wholesale Diamonds by email and make an enquiry please use the Contact Us Form on our website.

To contact Wholesale Diamonds by fax please dial 02 9252 5547.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment in Wholesale Diamonds Sydney Office, please use the Contact Us Form on our website, please provide your preferred day, times and requirements.

Alternatively you may telephone us on, 02 9251 4444 to arrange an appointment. Please note we require photo identification to be emailed or faxed prior to any appointment for security purposes.

How do I obtain prices for certified diamonds?

The prices for all our diamonds, earrings and pendants is shown on our website. The prices are in Australian Dollars and include gst. To obtain prices of rings please contact us for a quote.

We have a large selection of ready made rings in stock and also make custom designed rings to order.

If you wish to receive a quote for a particular ring design please select a diamond or alternatively provide
us with your budget and we will be able to recommend a diamond for the ring design.

Are the certified diamonds in stock?
Yes, all the diamonds displayed on Wholesale Diamonds and Diamond Imports are in stock and available for immediate purchase unless marked sold. Wholesale Diamonds only lists diamonds we own and does not drop ship, consign or advertise diamonds from other companies or diamonds that are located overseas. You will not have to wait weeks for the diamond to be delivered.

Wholesale Diamonds specialize in selling the Highest Quality Certified Diamonds that have been individually selected, independently certified and imported for our web site exclusively. You will not see our diamonds being offered on any other website.
Wholesale Diamonds is Australia's leading diamond wholesaler.
Can I view a certified diamond before I purchase?

Yes, before you purchase your diamond you may wish to consult in person and view a selection of diamonds. Our qualified sales staff will assist you with your purchase and explain the difference between various diamonds in a diamond consultation. When you make an appointment you have the opportunity to compare diamonds before you make your decision.

You are able to view any of the diamonds listed on our website allowing you to visably compare the diamonds and make an informed decision - no more diamond excel lists or talking about diamonds that may not be available or having to get the diamond in.

The true test to evaluate the quality of a diamond is to visually compare it next to other diamonds.

We encourage people to view a selection of certified diamonds in our Sydney office, so that they are able to purchase their chosen diamond with complete confidence. Our diamond consultations take approximately two hours, during this time you will be provided with a full understanding about diamonds and a complete diamond learning experience.

What if I am unable to come to Sydney?

If you are unable to come to our Sydney office, and need further advice or guidance in choosing the best diamond for your budget, you may wish to consult by telephone or email. Wholesale Diamonds will endeavour to guide and advise you with selecting the best possible diamond.

Apart from detailing all the specifications of the diamonds and providing a copy of the diamond certificate Wholesale Diamonds also displays an actual microscope photograph of the diamond. The Diamond Zoomer allows the diamond to be viewed at up to 300x magnification with use of specialised diamond imaging equipment that works inconjunction with our diamond micro photographs.
After I make a purchase, how long before I receive my chosen diamond?
As soon as payment has been made in full and we have a confirmed receipt the diamond will be sent out immediately if it was ordered online. If you purchase a diamond during an appointment you will be able to take the diamond with you immediately after paying in full by credit card, cash, direct deposit or internet bank transfer.
Are the diamonds certified?
Yes all the diamonds listed on Wholesale Diamonds are certified by an Independent and Internationally recognised Diamond Grading Laboratory. A diamond certificate documents the characteristics of the diamonds quality, colour, cut, clarity & carat weight which are verified by an independent company with no conflict of interest between buyer and seller.
Why does Wholesale Diamonds only sell DCLA, GIA, HRD & AGS certified diamonds?
Wholesale Diamonds choose to only sell certified diamonds that have been independently graded by DCLA, The Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia; GIA, Gemological Institute of America; HRD, The Diamond High Council; and AGS, The American Gem Society. Wholesale Diamonds does NOT sell diamonds that have been certified by EGL.

These Independent Internationally Recognized Diamond laboratories are renowned for their cutting edge technology, the most advanced testing equipment and for having the most stringent grading and testing standards. Wholesale Diamonds strongly recommends diamonds that have only been certified by DCLA, GIA, HRD or AGS.
What if I need my diamond set in a ring?

Wholesale Diamonds has a large selection of ring designs in stock that will suit most diamond shapes and sizes. Choose from solitaire diamond rings, channel set diamond rings, baguette set diamond rings, or diamond rings with side stones. Our ring designs are available in eighteen karat white gold, eighteen karat yellow gold or platinum.

When you have purchased a diamond and you would like to have it set in a ring, simply choose a ring design that you would like to purchase and our jewellers will set the diamonds for you.

What if I want an individual or custom design ring made?

Wholesale Diamonds are able to manufacture any ring design or fulfill an individual jewellery design order. If you want a specific ring design or custom piece of jewellery made to order Wholesale Diamonds has a team of master jewellers and craftsmen to handle your specific design needs. Diamond Imports will advise and help you in designing an individual ring or piece of jewellery. You can discuss custom ring and jewellery designs by making an appointment or contacting Wholesale Diamonds.
What payment methods do you accept?

We accepts payments by Credit Cards, Direct Deposit and PayPal. You can make a secure purchase online, by telephone or in person. If you make your purchase online you can choose to pay by PayPal, Credit card or Direct Deposit. If you purchase over the phone you have the choice of Credit Card or Direct Deposit. If you purchase in person you may pay by Credit Card, Direct deposit or Cash.

We accept MasterCard, Visa and Bankcard. If you wish to know more about our payment methods and conditions please refer to our Diamond Imports website.
Do you charge extra for Credit Cards?
Unlike many other diamond websites we do not charge any extra percentage or commission should you wish to pay using Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard. We happily accept MasterCard, Visa or Bankcard. The price you see or the price you are quoted for a diamond on our web site is in Australian Dollars, it includes GST and it is the price you will pay when you use your Visa, Matsercard or Bankcard.

There are no hidden charges, commissions or taxes; our prices are all inclusive as stated or quoted when you make your purchase using Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard.
Does it cost more to view & buy a certified diamond in person?

No, Wholesale Diamonds does not charge anymore should you wish to view a diamond or buy it in person by appointment. Many other diamond web sites do charge a higher price if you wish to view or buy the diamond in person, Wholesale Diamonds does not.

The price you are quoted or the price that is stated on our web site is the price in Australian Dollars including GST, no matter which way you choose to purchase a diamond. Wholesale Diamonds realizes that not all people are comfortable to buy online and not all people are able to come to Sydney to purchase in person.

That’s why we offer 3 convenient ways to purchase a diamond – securely online, over the telephone or in person. All the diamonds listed on our web site are in stock and available for immediate purchase unless marked sold.

Do I have to give a deposit to see the certified diamond?

No, Wholesale Diamonds does not ask for a deposit if you wish to see a diamond by appointment. Other diamond websites might ask for a deposit or even full payment for a diamond before they bring it into the country for viewing.

Wholesale Diamonds does not because all the diamonds listed on our website are in stock.

We are Diamond Wholesalers and Diamond Importers. We have complete confidence in the diamonds that we have individually cut, selected and purchased for our website.

You will not see our diamonds being listed on any other website. Wholesale Diamonds and Diamond Imports have the largest selection of superior quality certified diamonds in stock in Australia.


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