Heart Shape Diamonds

Heart Shape Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and a perfect diamond for Valentine's Day. Heart shaped diamonds are almost round in appearance and they provide a beautiful brilliance. The technical name for this stone is the "Heart-Shaped Modified Brilliant," because the cut is based on a round brilliant cut. Most heart-shaped brilliants are purchased as single diamonds for solitaire necklaces in sizes of a half carat or engagement rings.Heart Shape Diamond

For Heart shape diamonds length to width ratios between .90 and 1.10 is the ideal and usually the width of a Heart shape diamond will be 10% larger than the depth, however the shape is a matter of personal preference.

At Wholesale Diamonds we have a large selection of loose certified Heart Shaped Diamonds in all sizes, colours and clarities. When buying a Heart shape diamond ensure that it is independently certified by an internationally accredited diamond grading laboratory such as GIA, HRD, DCLA or AGS.

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Heart Shape Diamonds

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