Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamonds are step cut and they are usually rectangular in shape but sometimes may be square, in which case it is known as a square emerald cut. Emerald cut diamonds have rows of elongated facets on the crown and pavilion, known as steps, parallel to the girdle with corner facets. The number of rows of elongated facets may vary on an Emerald cut diamond, although it is usually three.Emerald Cut Diamond

An Emerald cut diamond highlights the clarity andthe inclusions are slightly more visible in "step-cut" diamonds than brilliant cut diamonds. The bevelled corners on Emerald cut diamonds protect the stone, making it easier to set. Emerald Cut Diamonds have a unique brilliance and classic elegance.

At Wholesale Diamonds we have a large selection of loose certified Emerald Cut Diamond in all sizes, colours and clarities. Emerald Cut Diamonds have less reflection & refraction than brilliant cut diamonds. When you buy an Emerald cut diamond ensure that it is independently certified by an internationally accredited diamond grading laboratory such as GIA, HRD, DCLA or AGS.

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Emerald Cut Diamonds

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